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Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery Limited is an IT Services Company specialising in IT Asset Disposal and secure Data Destruction and was established in late 2012. It is located at 69 Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24, which is a 15,000 sq foot facility. Since its introduction Kavanaghs has built up a strong reputation as one of Ireland’s leading players in the computer recycling, scrap computer, IT disposal and data destruction fields. The company was founded by Eoghan Kavanagh who identified a major market opportunity in secure IT Asset Disposal following over thirty years in the high tech and communications industries.

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The difference between this business and some of the charities operating in this sector is that Kavanagh Recycling & Recovery is a professional IT Services Company specialising in IT Asset Disposal with emphasis on Data Destruction and Security. It is no longer good enough to rely on non IT specialists such as charities manned by volunteers to manage your data on end of life IT equipment. To emphasis this point, the penalties for offences under the Data Protection Act issued by the Data Protection Commissioner, in the event of a data breach via end of life equipment, can be up to €250,000.

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About Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery Limited:

Kavanagh Recycling and Recovery specialises in Free IT Asset Disposal, Computer Recycling, WEEE Recycling and Secure Data Destruction. The company, from its base in South Dublin, can provide enterprise with a safe, secure, compliant solution for the management of all types of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The company provides a value added service to its B2B clients including IT asset management, secure refurbishment, remarketing, software asset management, auditing and secure certified data destruction. Advice is provided to clients on how to dispose of their excess or redundant IT equipment in a secure, safe and compliant manner while also obtaining the best financial outcome.

Kavanagh’s IT Asset Recovery process includes testing, repairing and refurbishing in preparation for Reuse and Remarketing of all IT equipment includes mainly Servers, PC’s and Laptops. This process also involves component harvesting (RAM, Hard disk drives, graphic cards, keyboards, mice etc) again for Reuse and Remarketing.

Kavanagh’s Data Destruction service is a certified software process that erases all data from Server, PC and Laptop hard disk drives. This service provides a certifiable secure service for clients while maintaining the integrity of the hard disk drive for Reuse.

Due to the nature of the business Kavanagh Recycling & Recovery will produce WEEE as a by product of the industrial processes. For example any item found to be BER (beyond economical repair) or obsolete with no remarketing opportunity will be deemed as WEEE and disposed of in accordance with WEEE legislation.

Eoghan Kavanagh

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Eoghan Kavanagh is the company's Managing Director and is the driving force behind the establishment of the business. With over thirty years experience within the IT and Telecommunication industries, Eoghan is responsible for setting the corporate strategy of the Company, relocating the HQ and selecting key industry leaders and innovators by expanding the team. He has the ability to clearly communicate the vision of the company in order to inspire staff, investors and customers.

Eoghan’s ability to see future trends is invaluable for steering a clear strategy and capitalising on future opportunities. This is especially important in the constantly evolving technology industry where Eoghan needs to determine which changes will have long-term impact and which are merely fads with little real value.

Over the last 20 years Eoghan has signed deals to provide out sourced solutions with Eirpage, Telefonica (O2), Hutchinson 3, Nissan, Board Gais, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, NEC, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Huawei and Siemens among many.


Email: eoghan@kavanaghrecycling.ie
Mobile: (086) 255 8900
LinkedIn: ie.linkedin.com/pub/eoghan-kavanagh/19/787/46a

Ralph Murray

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Ralph Murray is the company's Business Development Director and is responsible for the organic growth of the company. Having attended DIT Kevin Street ,Ralph went on to work within the electrical contracting industry in Ireland and extensively in the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

While in Australia, Ralph began working for Chubb, were he had many roles but predominately positioned in sales. On returning to Ireland in 1998 he was asked to join Chubb Ireland and within a short time was promoted to the position of General Manager for all brands within the fire division. Being a member of the senior management team he was heavily involved in acquisitions and organic growth making Chubb Fire one of the largest providers of fire protection services.

Ralph was approached by Kidde PLC who wanted to secure a presence in Ireland. Kidde PLC, with Ralph at the helm, set about bringing new products and services to the Irish market. Kidde FPS became a very successful and profitable unit when it was acquired by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) which was in turn merged into Chubb Ireland all under the UTC umbrella.

Ralph was involved in a number of other successful ventures, latterly joining forces with Eoghan Kavanagh.


Email: ralph@kavanaghrecycling.ie
LinkedIn: ie.linkedin.com/pub/ralph-murray/20/645/9b9

Liam Kelly

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Liam Kelly is the company's Operations Manager. Liam began his career within the IT industry in 1997 with a small company called Abacus IT. He progressed into IT sales and was a pioneer in the selling of refurbished IT equipment to schools and charities. In recent years Liam has managed IT Recycling & WEEE recycling facilities of all sizes from 50 to 8,000 tonnes per year.

Liam is also one of Ireland’s longest serving dedicated Data Destruction technicians, being involved in the industry for over 12 years. He has assisted in the development of best practice in data destruction and data security in-transit during this time and has in-depth knowledge of the top data deletion programs and hardware used for complete destruction.

Liam possesses a strong IT background which leaves him perfectly placed to understand the requirements and data security needs of our customers. He also has the knowledge to create and implement procedures that will safeguard our customers IT equipment until destruction. He holds certified qualifications in health and safety management, IT and Psychotherapy.


Email: liam@kavanaghrecycling.ie
LinkedIn: ie.linkedin.com/pub/liam-kelly/47/2b4/989
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