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Should a customer require an individual data destruction certificate for each item processed, a Chargeable Individual Data Destruction Certificate for each Hard Disk Drive, generated by Tabernus Software is available. This is suitable for high level sensitivity data e.g. in the case of Accountants, Solicitors, Schools, State Entities etc.

There is an administration fee for this service*. Equipment will be collected from your site and delivered securely to our site for Data Destruction. The Certificate will include all details of the hard disk drive including make, model and serial number. The Invoice will be sent out together with all relevant Certificates in the post. The normal turnaround time for this service is 14 days.

* Please call for details.
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About Tabernus:

Tabernus is a leading international provider of certified data erasure software and hardware products used by companies of all sizes around the world to completely remove and sanitise all data from hard drive storage devices.

The failure to remove data can have far-reaching consequences. It can lead to identity theft, fines, lawsuits, or prison time not to mention the loss in business or the blow to your organisation's reputation.

The confidential and sensitive information stored on large volumes of drives poses a risk. Before those drives can be reused, recycled or donated, that data must be completely and irrevocably removed. Companies are required by law to comply with regulations to safely and completely ensure that this sensitive and confidential information not be exposed to others or they will suffer from non-compliance with these regulations.

Whether you have one drive or thousands of drives you need a certified data erasure plan. A system or service that can not only perform the data wipe process you need but be able to provide reporting and management tools so that you have the peace of mind that comes with complete confidence that you are in compliance.

In 2011, the latest version of Tabernus' data erasure software, Enterprise Erase v5.3 was certified by the CESG as data erasure software. Certification is awarded when software has met all of the criteria for secure erasure of magnetic media in accordance with British Government Infosec standards. After independent testing carried out by QinetiQ, a British global defence technology company under contract to CESG, the latest version of Tabernus has been formally certified for government use to securely erase protectively marked data.

Whether you are looking to sanitise data using a US Department of Defence (DoD) hard drive wiper or for a certified data destruction service, Tabernus' products, services and expertise can tailor the right data elimination solution for your organisation

For more information about Tabernus and proper Data Elimination please click here.

To see a sample Tabernus Asset Erasure Report / Certificate please click here.

Eliminate your electronic data quickly and completely.

Data overwrite process configurability tailored to best work with your unique requirements, including:

  1. Level of Overwrite
  2. Choice of overwrite algorithm
  3. Secure Erase (when applicable)
  4. User input fields available for barcode or unique data input
  5. Capable of erasing any drive type - SCSI, SATA, FC, SAS, ATA/IDE, SSD
  6. Hard drive diagnostic test capable (SMART, Seek) available on some versions
  7. User adjustable configurations via password protected screen
  8. Reports generated in for easy importing into Excel, others
  9. Intuitive user interface screen that displays all relevant process information

Certifications and Approvals

Data erasure specialists at Tabernus thrive on providing customers with the highest quality products. As a result, Tabernus has obtained an array of certifications and approvals globally to endorse these principals.

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Communications Electronics Security Group
Tabernus Enterprise Erase 5.3 Software is certified by the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG). CESG protects the vital interests of the UK by providing policy and assistance on the security of communications and electronic data.
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Communications Electronics Security Group-Commercial Product Assurance
Tabernus Enterprise Erase version v7.0 is certified by the Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) Commercial Product Assurance (CPA). Commercial Product Assurance CPA) certifies commercial security products for use by government, the wider public sector and industry. At present Tabernus is the only company within the commercial data erasure industry to hold this certification.
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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Tabernus Enterprise Erase V7.0 Software is approved by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).This latest certification indicates that Tabernus Enterprise Erase V7.0 sanitises all data on a hard disk up to and including NATO CONFIDENTIAL, NATO RESTRICTED, NATO SECRET and COSMIC TOP SECRET protective markings. NATO certifies products and services as being suitable for use specifically by the Military and Government organisations within its member countries.This latest certification supersedes Tabernus NATO Approval V5.3 of 2012.
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The Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group UK
Tabernus Enterprise Erase 5.3 Software is approved by the Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group UK (DIPCOG). DIPCOG is a UK Ministry of Defence forum run by a committee composed by representatives primarily from the MoD and CESG. DIPCOG approves products and services as being suitable for use specifically by the MoD.
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Norwegian National Security Authority
Tabernus Enterprise Erase v5.3 is approved by Norwegian National Security Authority. NSM is a cross-sectoral professional and supervisory authority within the protective security services in Norway.
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USA Department of Defense
Tabernus is approved by the USA Department of Defense (DOD). Tabernus received this approval from meeting and exceeding standards provided by the USA Department of Defense.
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